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An experiment in shape and dimension. The generative madness of an algorithm with the soft guidance of an artist's hand.
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season 01

a cube finds its way

s01e01 12021路01路01
s01e02 12021路01路08
s01e03 12021路01路15
s01e04 12021路01路22
s01e05 12021路01路29
s01e06 12021路02路05
s01e07 12021路02路12
s01e08 12021路02路19
s01e09 12021路02路26
s01e10 12021路03路05
s01e11 12021路03路12
s01e12 12021路03路19
s01e13 12021路03路26
s01e14 12021路04路02
s01e15 12021路04路09
s01e16 12021路04路16
s01e17 12021路04路23
s01e18 12021路04路30
s01e19 12021路05路07
s01e20 12021路05路14
s01e21 12021路05路21
s01e22 12021路05路28
s01e23 12021路06路04
s01e24 12021路06路11
s01e25 12021路06路18
s01e26 12021路06路25
s01e27 12021路07路02
s01e28 12021路07路09
s01e29 12021路07路16
s01e30 12021路07路23
s01e31 12021路07路30
s01e32 12021路08路06
s01e33 12021路08路13
s01e34 12021路08路20
s01e35 12021路08路27
s01e36 12021路09路03
s01e37 12021路09路10
s01e38 12021路09路17
s01e39 12021路09路24
s01e40 12021路10路01
s01e41 12021路10路08
s01e42 12021路10路15
s01e43 12021路10路22
s01e44 12021路10路29
s01e45 12021路11路05
s01e46 12021路11路12
s01e47 12021路11路19
s01e48 12021路11路26
s01e49 12021路12路03
s01e50 12021路12路10
s01e51 12021路12路17
s01e52 12021路12路24
s01e53 12021路12路31

Within each Hexis the interplay of three flat shapes invents the new overall shape of a hexagon, and movement of the shapes conjures the new form of a cube. Each Hexis is born of the same creative approach 鈥 artist and algorithm set into motion invent a new outward shape, form, and dimension greater than the sum of its parts.

Hexis means in one sense an activity ... when one things makes and another is made, there is between them an act of making.鈥

~ Artistotle, Metaphysics 5.1022b